If you are anything like me, needle felting had you hooked the moment you learned about it. No sewing? No patterns?? Just stabbing wool with a strange needle???

I knew I HAD to try but I was so confused about what I needed and how to make it work.  It is fun and easy to create with wool and a felting needle. This site is brimming with video tutorials, articles, resources and inspiration so you can experience the creative joy of needle felting.

My name is Kay Petal and I’ve been stabbing wool since 2007. My Felt Alive Celebrity Caricature dolls show the world the endless possibilities. Felt Alive Video Workshops can teach you how!

A Heart ‘Felt’ thank you for allowing me to share my love of needle felting with you.

Happy Felting!! From your Friend in Needle Felting ~Kay Petal

Kay Petal Felt Alive Needle Felted Caricature Dolls - li'l Whoopi doll

Brand New to Needle Felting?

Skip the Confusion and Get Straight to the FUN of Sculpting with Wool

Needle felting is THE hot new craft craze! There’s a good reason for that. It’s so cool to stab fluffs of colorful wool with a sharp needle and watch it take shape. It’s known to be rather addictive and can lead you on a creative journey.

The ABCs of Needle Felting is a fun learning series from Felt Alive. These fun and simple projects help beginner needle felters start out on the right foot.  You’ll will learn about the craft, the terminology, the tools and techniques.

By the time you complete the projects you will be well-versed in needle felting.  PLUS your head will be spinning with ideas of what to create next.

Start with the Pixies! With no sewing, stuffing or wire armatures, it’s the best introduction to this fun craft. The moment the wool smiles, you will be hooked on needle felting forever!

Next, the Fairies workshop expands on the techniques used for Pixies with the addition of fun needle felted hair and clothing options – and of course, fairy wings! Wave your magic felting needle to bring these sweet little Finger Puppet Fairies to life.

Finally, Garden Art will round out your skill set by needle felting over simple wire armatures. Watch your needle felted garden grow with Mushrooms, Worms and Bugs! Now you are ready to catch the breeze and see where your needle felting journey takes you.

Learn thelearn the abcs of needle felting with felt alive video of Needle Felting with Felt Alive

A FUN Series of Video Workshops to Get You Started on Your Needle Felting Journey

From start to finish and every step in between – learn how fun and easy it is to Felt Alive!

























Roving, Batting, Core Wool?? …oh my

Shopping for Your Supplies


It’s easy to Needle Felt! Figuring out what kind of wool, felting needles and other supplies you need is a bit more challenging.

Felt Alive’s handy Shopping Guide for Beginner Needle Felters is a wealth of information.  Learn the search terms to help you shop online.  PLUS what to look for at your local craft stores, artisan fairs and fiber shows.

Learn how to find what YOU need to bring your ideas to life. After all, part of the fun of learning a new craft is stocking up your craft stash!


























Fun Tools for a Fun Craft

learn how to shop for your needle felting supplies

Felting needles have barbs and ‘L’ shaped ends designed for industrial felting machines. They come in different sizes for various applications and they look pretty much alike.

When I started needle felting I wore grooves into my fingers from gripping those ‘L’ shaped ends. I had to inspect my needles under a magnifier to find the right needle for the task at hand.  I found them not so user-friendly so I tried out all kinds of handles and other contraptions. I knew there must be something better. That’s how my Felt Alive Felting Needles were born!

Color-coded and super-comfortable to use!  Maintaining a relaxed grip as you work minimizes needle breakage and random injurious stabs.  Felt Alive offers single point, double point and quad point needles. You’ll see me using my needles in all Felt Alive Video Workshops. Because they are color-coded, you can follow along with ease.


Needle Felting is a BLAST!  Your felting tools should be, too.

available at www.needlefeltingsupplies.com


















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