Stabbing at wool with sharp, barbed needles to magically transform it into anything you can imagine is the COOLEST THING!

What is Needle Felting?

Needle felting is what happens when barbed felting needles repeatedly pierce into loose fiber tangling it into a felted mass. This process is most widely used in industrial manufacturing of yardages of filter material, carpet pad and even toilet tissue.

The industrial process takes hundreds of felting needles working together in large looms but for crafty artisans, it takes just one of these needles!


industrial needle felting loom holds hundreds of needles

When removed from these machines, a felting needle becomes both a sculpting tool and a paintbrush for working with natural fiber such as sheep wool or alpaca fiber.

Needle felting is versatile, fun and quite addictive. It is portable, doesn’t take much in the way of materials and supplies AND the possibilities are endless.

Most people that try it go bonkers for needle felting!  Just ask any needle felter.  🙂

My name is Kay Petal and I Felt Alive!  I have dabbled in so many crafty things in my life but when I first started needle felting, it felt truly different – magical, creative, meditative, healing, rather addictive and obsessive (in a really good way.)

That was back in 2007.  At that time in my life I had been diagnosed with a rare form of salivary gland cancer and was recovering from treatment.  Like many, many others facing difficult situations, I knew I needed a creative outlet.

I somehow stumbled into needle felting online and my healing started right away.  I stopped giving focus to the disease and instead was whisked away by the creative joy of needle felting!

I had no idea I had any artistic abilities before I started needle felting.  Drawing a stick figure is a challenge, so for me, caricature art in wool is a big surprise.

My needle felted caricature dolls have helped introduce the world to sculptural needle felting, showing what can be done with wool fibers and a single barbed needle.  My ‘Felt Alive’ style embodies what the magic of needle felting is all about.

As much as I love creating these zany dolls, teaching the magic of needle felting is really my ‘thing’. I’ve been sharing my love of needle felting since 2009 through my Felt Alive Video Workshops.

It is my goal to share with the world the creative joy that needle felting brings.  If you would like to help me make that happen, you can contribute HERE.

A Heart ‘Felt’ Thank You!

From Your Friend in Needle Felting ~Kay Petal

Felt Alive Whoopi meets the real LIVE Whoopi !

Felt Alive Needle Felted Dolls

With no sewing, no stuffing, no wire armatures, no painting and no patterns, the wool is always so happy to come to life.

My Needle Felting Journey Led Me to Felt Alive

Where Will Your Journey Lead You?

With clear and informative beginner needle felting video tutorials, articles and resources, we take the mystery out of this magical craft.

Learn Needle Felting with Felt Alive Video

What My Students Are Saying

…great and so easy to follow. I have been amazed at just how much I have learnt and delighted with the items I have made so far:) Janet from England, UK

…very well done, clear instructions and great video, highly recommend them … easy to refer back to if you forgot how to do something. Cathy from Harrow, Ontario Canada

 …enough to get me off and running and very excited about needle felting. I enjoyed her teaching method — clear and precise and was able to make some sort of creature for gifts for all my knitting friends. Louise M. from Juneau, Alaska.

…excellent and easy to follow, my pixie ( the first of many now) was admired by all and I am hooked. I just wish you were in England, needle felting doesn’t seem to be so big here as America, I would love to attend one of your classes to learn more. …thank you again for opening up a completely new craft to me, one that I am enjoying so much Jackie N. from England

 Love this little pixie tutorial. Nicci R. from Arizona

…fantastic. The material is fascinating and when I move I will make a family of pixies for my new home. Kay has the best teaching style and I know I will be successful when I finally get to start to make my new family. Sandi from Williston FL

  I am so pleased I found this wonderful site I absolutely love needle felting I had never heard of it until I discovered it on you tube saw Kay’s video and was hooked! Margaret from Cheshire United Kingdom

…more that I was hoping for… I discovered the Wonder-needle felting-Land. The videos are so easy to follow that soon enough I was creating wool sculptures, yes!! Sol from USA

 …within the first five minutes of the workshop, I had learned two new techniques! Wonderful! Katherine from England

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